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NTC Thermistors
  NTC ( Negative Temperature Coefficient ) Thermistors are thermally sensitive resistors which exhibit a decrease in resistance value with increase in its body temperature.
  NTC Thermistor Terminology

Zero - Power resistance value - The Zero-power resistance is the DC resistance value of a Thermistor measured at a specified temperature with a power dissipation by the Thermistor low enough that will result in not
more than 0.1% change in resistance value.
B-Value constant - B-Value is a material constant of a Thermistor in K which reflects the slope of the Temperature / Resistance curve. Higher the B value, higher the thermal sensitivity of the Thermistor. B-Value is different for each type of Thermistor material and temperature range. Most Thermistor manufacturers report B-Values between 2500K - 5000K.
Thermal Dissipation Constant - Heat flow characteristics in NTC Thermistor elements and component assemblies are governed by Thermistor shape factors, material properties, thermal coupling conditions and temperature differential of the element to its surroundings. The thermal dissipation constant of a Thermistor, D.C(mW / 0C) equals the energy or power required to raise the temperature of the Thermistor element by 10C.
Thermal Time Constant - The Thermal time constant is the time taken by the Thermistor to change 63.2% of the total difference between its initial temperature and that of its surroundings when dissipating no power. The time constant is very much dependent on the size and finish of a Thermistor.

  NTC Thermistors : : Radial Chip PTFE insulated, NTC Chip with non-insulated wires, Epoxy-coated chip, NTC disc unleaded, Axial glass encapsulated diode pack thermistors, Lead frame NTC thermistors.


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