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Our Material Systems
Chip Manufacturing Facility
Reliability Test Centre
Sensor Design and Quality Assurance Laboratory
  Chip Manufacturing Facility    
Our semiconductor NTC chip fabrication unit produces silver and gold electroded high precision devices with an integrated material system development lab to meet all global RT curve requirements.
  • Thermistor chips: Au and Ag electroded
  • Thermistor discs/polos
  • Axial and Radial Glass Encapsulated NTCs
  • Ultra miniature thermistors with fast response
  • Beta value range: 3000 to 5000 K with tolerances of +/-0.15%
  • Ultra high stability
  • Capacity of 50 million NTC chips and 10 million NTC discs/polos
Gold Electroded Chips NTC Disc Thermistors
NTC Ring Thermistors Silver Electroded Chips

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