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Our Material Systems
Chip Manufacturing Facility
Reliability Test Centre
Sensor Design and Quality Assurance Laboratory
  Sensor Design and Quality Assurance Laboratory    
Exathermometrics India has fully fledged design and quality assurance laboratories for high-reliability, customized thermistors, temperature sensors, and electronic sensor modules with the following capabilities:
  • Lead Frame development
  • 2D/3D Cadcam modeling
  • Precision tooling support with Pro-Engineer
  • Cad-based electronic Circuit design
  • Electronic prototyping
  • Embedded firmware development
  • Special purpose machine design and development
  • X-Ray Florescence Spectrometry for RoHS and Alloy Grade Compliance
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector – Subsurface cracks and porosity
  • Fluorescent Penetration Tester – for micro surface cracks
  • 3D Digital Microscopy – for x,y,z axis analysis of components
  • Ultra Precision Temperature Baths
  • Laser Micrometer – Non contact measurement
  • Plating Thickness Analyser


EXA Thermometrics India Pvt. Ltd. No.181, Lake Shore Road, BTM Layout - II Stage, Bangalore:560076.
Tel :+91-80-40698200, +91-80-40698210\211  

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